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Lexus Genuine Parts

A 2 year/40,000 km parts warranty comes standard on all new Lexus service replacement parts when they are purchased and installed at Heffner Lexus.

The Heffner Lexus Parts department carries an extensive selection of Genuine Lexus Parts. If a part is not in stock, most parts can be ordered for delivery the next day. Listed below are some of the more common replacement parts we carry that you may require.

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Brake Pads $114.95

Brake Discs $89.95 – $139.95 each

Most models

Exclusive to Heffner Lexus – Lifetime Brake Pad Warranty

  • pads warranted for as long as you own your vehicle
  • all Genuine Lexus brake pad guarantee covers wear and defects
  • must be originally purchased and installed at Heffner Lexus
  • warranty replacement parts must be replaced at Heffner Lexus: not valid elsewhere
  • does not include installation, servicing or hardware for replacement pads
  • non-transferable warranty
  • not valid if brake linings fail due to lack of servicing
  • $10.00 administration fee applies


All 84 month Lexus batteries carry a 2 year FREE replacement / 84 month total prorated warranty when bought and installed at Heffner Lexus.

$123.95 – $206.95

Most models

Lexus-battery-01 21_CF_033696


Iridium Sparkplugs

$15.85 – $28.40 each

Model specific


Charcoal Cabin Filter

$39.95 – $49.95 each

Most models

See clearly through all seasons with Genuine Lexus windshield washer fluid and a new set of wiper blade refills.


Lexus Wiper Blades

All Season $25 – $59 each

Refills $9.95 each

Contact Lexus Parts for proper size and fitment for your Lexus.



Windshield Washer Fluid 

4 litre jug – $3.95 each





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