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Toyota Genuine Long Range Remote Engine Starter

Your Key to COOL in the summer and WARM in the winter



On the hottest or coldest days, START+ enables you to start your vehicle from 800m (2,600 ft.) away (unobstructed), and activates pre-set heating and ventilation system.


START+ is easy to operate, you just need to press two buttons in sequence to start or stop your engine.


START+ provides audio and visual confirmation for engine start and stop


START+ helps clear condensation, and activates your vehicle’s front and rear defoggers.


The rubber membrane inside the fob makes it weather and shock resistant.


START+ doesn’t interfere with other vehicle electronics and is designed to fully integrate with your Toyota’s ECU and immobilizer.


Installation of all Non-Genuine remote engine starters on a Toyota vehicle require cutting, splicing, soldering wires and/or require an immobilizer bypass device.

Non-Genuine remote engine starters and any damage or failures resulting from their installation and use, are not covered by any Toyota warranty. Only Genuine Toyota START+ is covered by Toyota warranty.


A long range remote engine starter key fob that allows you to start your car from as far away as 800m (2,600 ft., (unobstructed) with feedback via sound and LED.

Short-range remote engine starter (activated on the original vehicle key fob) which allows you to start your car from about 24m (80 ft.) away.

START+ Is Currently Available For The Following Models With Automatic Transmissions Only

  • Camry and Camry Hybrid
  • Sienna
  • Rav4
  • Corolla
  • Highlander and Highlander Hybrid
  • 4Runner

Pricing starts at $730.75 installed +HST and varies by model. Please speak with a parts representative for  a complete installation and pricing list.




1. Why does the vehicle automatically shut down after 10 minutes or a total of 20 minutes?

For your safety and environmental reasons. It will shut down to prevent high levels of carbon monoxide within an enclosed environment such as a garage, where use is never recommended. As well, it will limit excessive idling and vehicle emissions.

2. Why does the user need to lock the doors as a requirement for remote engine start

For safety and battery life reasons. Locked doors will prevent vehicle intrusion or theft. It will also put most vehicle electronics into sleep mode thus preserving the battery.

3. Why does the engine need to shut off once the doors are unlocked or opened?

For safety reasons. As soon as the user unlocks the doors, the START+ will shut the engine off. Basically, the vehicle engine runs in two very distinct modes; either via ignition key or remote start. SMART+ will never affect normal vehicle operation. For instance, there is no risk of unintentional remote engine shut down while vehicle is in motion.

4. Is it possible to operate the vehicle wireless door locks, trunk or tailgate with START+?

For safety reasons it is not possible. The range of the original wireless key fob of 24 m (80 ft.) was designed to have the vehicle in line of site while operating door locks, trunk and tailgate. This range limit is required to prevent vehicle intrusion or damage by adverse weather conditions.

5. Why is the START+ remote control not as compact as some of the aftermarket remotes?

For quality reasons:

The batteries each have separate compartments; it requires more room but if the remote is dropped, it will not affect functioning.

START+ has a higher battery capacity with 1 year battery life and requires more space.

Toyota uses high quality components that require more space. For example, the exterior is thicker because the remote is shock and pressure resistant.

START+ has an additional internal rubber membrane protecting the electronics from water or dust.

6. Why is the remote engine starter not integrated with the wireless key remote?

For convenience. The remote would be much larger to accommodate all the features of both remotes.

7. Is it possible to have the seat heaters or ventilated seats activated when the remote engine start is activated?

Yes, the user must leave the seat heater or the seat ventilation ON before exiting the vehicle. The remote control does not directly control the seat heater and seat ventilation systems.


Why do wiper inserts wear?

Ultra-violet rays, extreme temperature, sand, salt and grit damage the rubber insert of the wiper.

Over time, this results in poor wiper performance and may also damage the windshield or place an excessive load on the wiper motor and linkage.

Why inserts?

If the blade frame is in good condition, changing wiper inserts is the economical answer to restoring your wipers to peak efficiency.

Why Toyota Genuine Inserts?

Custom fit with no need to trim to size or bend wiper claws.

Easy-to-replace with simple to follow instructions.

Competitively priced alternative to replacing entire blade assembly.


New Winter Wiper Blades

Specially designed to keep slush, snow and ice off your windshield.

Feature a sleek, wedge-shaped spoiler to help clear away loose snow and ice buildup.





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