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COMMUNITY PARTNERS Our community partners are so important to us. The work they do locally helps make Waterloo Region the place it is; one we’re proud to call home. Centre in the Sqaure One ...Read More

Record Readers’ Choice Awards The only thing we can say is, “Thank You”, as we’re honestly speechless. Because of your votes, and your kindness, Heffner’s took home an outstanding 16...Read More

SPOT THE PLATE Turn your Drive into a FUN Little Family Game Even my six-year-old son can’t help but to notice; there are a lot of Heffner vehicles on the road all throughout Waterloo Region and...Read More

Toyota Extends Battery Warranty for Model Year 2020 Hybrid Electric Vehicles   TORONTO, ON – October 10, 2019 – With nearly 20 years’ experience and more than 208,000 electrified vehic...Read More

Book Your Tire Swap Now So You’re Ready for the Changing Season Tire swap. I know, it’s like hearing about pumpkin spice in July or August, it only reminds you of what’s to come, instead...Read More

Heffner Summer Promotions End August 31st Summer is always an exciting time of year; so much going, so much to look forward to. But, before we know it, it’s gone. Unfortunately, it’s the...Read More

Arriving For Service at Heffner Toyota Service should always work for you, or else, it really isn’t service. At Heffner’s, we want every visit to be your best visit yet, and at a time that...Read More

A Few Simple Ways to Improve Your Summer Fuel Economy Aside from driving a Toyota hybrid, there are a few things you can do this summer to help improve your fuel economy when the temperature heats...Read More

Crabcakes by Little Mushroom Catering If you were at this year’s Heffner Spring Show you would have seen Chef Jason from Little Mushroom Catering create delicious Fennel Crabcake up on stage dur...Read More

  Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks From the Heffner Auto Cleaning & Detailing Centre As much as we always look forward to the arrival of spring, we also equally don’t look forward to t...Read More