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Let your senses come alive with the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas! The 22nd Annual Christkindl Market is a traditional 4-day bazaar that takes place December 6-9th at Kitchener City H...Read More

We’ve already had a good dose of the dog days of summer so far, with lots more to come! They’re hot, they’re sticky, and they’re muggy.  Some of us love them and some of us don’t.  One...Read More

You read them.  You hear them.  You say them. They’re names of family, friends, and co-workers. They’re also companies, products, brands, and models. Everyone and everything has a name ...Read More

Late spring and early summer weather is great driving weather. The temperature is often ideal for exploring new places and visiting old favourites. Heffner’s is located in Kitchener — a fantas...Read More

Celebrating Earth Week, Week After Week at Heffner Family comes in all shapes and sizes. First and foremost, there’s your immediate family.  Then, you’re part of the family here at Heffner To...Read More

Thursday was an exciting day for Dennis and Olivera Banda who drove home in their brand new RAV 4 Hybrid after being named the lucky winners of a nationwide “Bring your Toyota Home” contest. A...Read More

With a cool summer and now warm fall, thinking about Winter Tires may not be the first and foremost thing on your mind. However there are a few very important reasons why you should get your winte...Read More

When Kevin Rego’s wife suggested camping for the first time he wasn’t convinced. Having been raised in the city it took a bit of persuasion from his wife Chelsi to finally take their two boys ...Read More

At Heffner’s, we love barbecuing. The fresh grilled flavour. The tasty, smokey goodness. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it! We all have our BBQ favourites. Whether it’s a ribeye st...Read More

Take a good look at your car. Walk all the way around. Does it look more white then you remember? Did you purchase a white car? Now look inside. Does it also look kind of dingy, dusty, and white? ...Read More