Heffner Review Jr October 2019

October 2019

Heffner Review Jr.

KW OKTOBERFEST: A Family Tradition

Heffner Toyota is the Official Sponsor of Onkel Hans & Tante Frieda

What can I say, I’m craving warm pretzels, sausage and schnitzel.

It’s the most wunderbar time of the year as Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival, and one of the largest outside of Germany, returns to Waterloo Region; KW Oktoberfest, October 11-19.

This year, Heffner Toyota is extremely proud to be the official sponsor of Onkel Hans and Tante Frieda.

It really is a privilege for Heffner’s to partner with two of the most iconic symbols of Oktoberfest.

Onkle Hans and Tante Frieda represent family, tradition and good community spirit, all values Heffner Lexus Toyota live by each and every day.

For Heffner’s, being a family owned and operated dealership since 1960, family is everything. It’s the backbone of our community, and a huge part of Oktoberfest. It’s also a great time for the whole family to get out and take in some great family events together.

Some of our favourite include:

Friday, October 11th – Opening Ceremonies: A lunch time tradition that kicks off the 9 day festival filled with food, fun, and family festivities.

Sunday, October 13th – Family Day at the Schwaben Club: A fun-filled afternoon of games, crafts, dancing and of course, great German cuisine.

Monday, October 14th – 5K Fun Run: It’s an early morning, but it really is so much fun, and a great way to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories. You’re also helping to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters Waterloo Region. Race starts at 7:55am and runs along the parade route.

Monday, October 14th – KW Oktoberfest and Thanksgiving Day Parade: Over 150,000 people line the streets annually to take in this tradition that’s as rich as the festival itself. Families bundle up and head out early on Thanksgiving Monday to claim their spot. The parade begins at the corner of Weber & Frederick in Kitchener and ends at Weber & Bridgeport in Waterloo.

And that’s just the opening weekend. So, get the family together, and enjoy making memories at this year’s KW Oktoberfest. Make sure you keep an eye out for Onkel Hans and Tante Frieda as well.

Happy Oktoberfest everyone! Prosit!

Ask Us Anything

Watch for our new feature on Instagram Stories

‘Ask Us Anything’.

How’s that for a loaded question? But, that’s exactly what we’re doing at Heffner’s. We’re answering your questions about a wide range of topics, quickly and conveniently.

Every second Wednesday, we’re heading to Instagram Stories to pose that very question, ‘Ask Us Anything’. We’ll give you the topic and all you have to do is send us your question through a Direct Message. We’ll then post the video answers from either a Manager or Qualified Staff Member the following day.

For our inaugural kick-off that happened on October 2nd, we focused on Winter Tires; a very relevant topic this time of year.

Ask Us Anything

Here’s what came in:

Q:  When’s the best time to put on my winter tires?

A:  You can’t go wrong following the Rule of 7. That’s essentially when your morning and evening commute are consistently 7 degrees or less. One of the best ways to make sure you’re prepared is to book your appointment at your last tire switch. For example, when you take off your winters, book an appointment then to put them back on in the fall.

Q:  Do I need 4 winter tires or can I use just 2?

A:  It’s always recommended to install 4 winter tires for proper traction and balance.

Q:  Why do I need winter tires?

A:  Winter tires are far superior in colder temperatures. They’re more optimized and the rubber density is softer so you grip the road better. It really is the safer option.

To hear these answers from our Paul Hoffer, Lexus Certified Trained Technician, or any past answers in the future, you can click on the ‘Ask Us Anything’ highlight above our feed for the archived copies.

Speaking of winter tires, if you haven’t booked your winter tire swap yet, our appointments are booking up fast. You can click here for our Toyota online form or you can call an Appointment Coordinator at 519.748.9667 – Option 1. For Lexus, click here, or call 519.895.9130 – Option 1. We also have our Price Match Promise if you require a new set of your first set of winters. Visit us online for details or please speak with your Service Advisor.

Make sure you join us next Wednesday on Instagram when we ask you to Ask Us Anything.

Spot the Plate Cover

Fun Little Game while Driving with the Family

Heffner License PlateEven my six-year-old son can’t help but to notice; there are a lot of Heffner vehicles on the road all throughout Waterloo Region and beyond.

It’s a statement I’m comfortable making as I’ve backed it up with a very scientific and accurate approach, my boy yells out “Heffner” every time he sees the license plate cover proudly displayed on Toyota’s of many of our valued guests.

Needless to say, the frequency at which this occurs is quite often, so much so, it’s turned into a little game for us. No matter where we’re going, whether it’s down the street to a neighbours house, running errands around town, or visiting family up north, we challenge each other to see who can spot the most Heffner vehicles before we reach our destination. As soon as we pull out of the driveway, its game on, and he doesn’t let me forget it.

He’s no backseat driver, but he has an eye like a hawk, and doesn’t miss that iconic Heffner name. I’m sure your eye has caught them as well.

It’s funny, the 2020 Toyota lineup definitely has some fancy new tech to help pass the time while on the road, like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Entune (Toyota Connected Services) and Touch Screen Infotainment Systems, but there’s still something about the imagination and determination of a 6 year-old nestled in his backseat booster who just wants to chalk up yet another victory over good ole dad. I just wish I could say I was letting him win.

So, next time everyone gets in the family Toyota together, possibly this weekend for Thanksgiving, try putting the technology aside for a little while, and share some quality time having fun, and competing against each another.

It’s safe to say, the next Heffner plate you’re looking for, is just around the corner.

Thanks for reading our Heffner Review. If you have any thoughts, comments, suggestions, or anything else, please feel free to contact Ryan with them.

rdentinger@heffner.ca | 519.895.9111

Thanks again!