Rust Proofing 101 with Chuck

Rust Proofing 101 with Heffner Toyota

Rust-proofing your vehicle is not a new concept. However, some of the methods are.
What do you know? What will work best for you? Is there a warranty?
To help answer some of your questions, we sat down with Chuck Gray-Wheeler, Financial Services Manager at Heffner Toyota and had him break down rust proofing from what it is, to the benefits, warranty and everything else in between.

What Is Rust Proofing?

There’s two portions when it comes to rust proofing. First, there’s the undercoating, then the actual rust proofing.

Top Reasons To Rust Proof Your Vehicle

There are two very important reasons to rust proof your vehicle.

Help Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value

Rust proofing is an excellent way to help maintain your vehicle’s value down the road.

One-Time Rust Proofing Spray

Don’t risk voiding your warranty with yearly sprays. At Heffner Toyota, you get a one-time spray that’s backed with a 10 year warranty.

Rust Proof Spray: What’s Covered, and What’s Not?

When it comes to rust proofing, they don’t spray everywhere underneath your vehicle. So, what’s covered, and what’s not?

What Is A Rust Control Module?

You can’t spray everywhere, which is why a Rust Control Module is often considered superior. It’s an electronic microprocessor that covers the whole vehicle with rust protection.

Warranty and Paint Protection

Receive a full 10-year warranty on either the Rust Proofing Spray or Rust Control Module on new vehicles. Paint Protection guarantees against surface rust for the first 6 years you own a new vehicle.

Warranties Cover Both New and Used Vehicles

Get a 10 year warranty with your rust protection on any new vehicle or on a used vehicle that’s under 2 years old with less than 4,000 km. Anything else will be pro-rated.

For more information on rust proofing your vehicle with Heffner Toyota, please contact one of our knowledgeable Financial Services Managers.